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CGVA is Country Gables Virtual Assistance, a division of Country Gables Ltd. Welcome!

 Virtual assistance is business and administrative office support provided remotely by a "Virtual Assistant" (VA).

A Virtual Assistant is...
  • a highly-skilled independent business support professional that partners with entrepreneurs and businesses to deliver high quality products and administrative services and allow business owners the time to do what they do best…run a successful business!

  • a cost-effective independent professional (non-employee) that provides outstanding quality administrative services to businesses and entrepreneurs;

  • an executive-level administrative professional that assists in taking care of the administrative and technical side of business, on a contract basis from a remote location;

  • outstanding in meeting or exceeding tasks that your traditional administrative assistant or executive assistant can do, except it is done 'virtually'; and

Most VAs have provided support in the corporate world, and now you have the opportunity to get that expertise for your business.

Hello, let me introduce myself...

My name is Faye White and I am a Virtual Assistant and Business Support Professional!

After more than 25 years of office administration in real estate, engineering, finance, and the oil and gas industry, I left the corporate world so I could provide my expertise with a more 'personal' touch. 

My vision is to be dedicated to my clients' needs by providing the highest quality of service at a competitive price and providing support that they can trust and rely on...all with a personal touch, and doing it from my home office!

My mission is to partner virtually with you and your business to provide cost-effective high quality administrative support and products, allowing you the time and freedom to focus on what you do best. I believe it is important for business owners and entrepreneurs to do what they need to do to ensure their business thrives, and leave the administrative tasks to someone that has the knowledge and expertise to make them shine!

My commitment to you is that your business matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity and the utmost discretion and respect.  I strive to provide the highest quality product possible (on time and on budget), and always keep in mind the importance of each client. 

My goal is to exceed expectations and ensure I do my best to assist you in making your business a success. 

Who Needs a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Small to mid-size businesses, business and personal coaches can benefit by hiring a VA to do tasks that leave them more time to do what they do their companies and generate revenue.

Proactive businesses hire VAs when they want to make smart choices, and do not wish to hire a full-time employee with all the costs involved.

Entrepreneurs hire VAs when they have occasional projects that need a professional touch, or those that want to have more time to concentrate on the growth of their business. 

Real estate agents and brokers can benefit by hiring a VA to assist them with listings and promotional information so they have the time they needed to promote their business.

Home-based businesses may not have the employees needed to do the administrative work that the business needs, or can't afford a full-time permanent employee.

What are the benefits of a VA?

Some of the benefits of hiring a VA include:

  • an experienced, skilled professional that can provide the administrative and support for your business, allowing you the time to focus on business and client needs to grow or maintain your business

  • an independent entrepreneur that works from a remote location, saving you and your business the cost and commitment of a long-term employee.  No need to pay employer source deductions, life and dental benefits, pension plans, vacation and sick time, and no extra costs for office space and computer equipment

  • having an assistant that is focused exclusively on your project, not the general office activities or office conversations of a typical office. Tasks are completed with efficiency and for an hour's work...get an hour's work...without distractions

  • retaining a VA that can be hired as needed, to work on a daily basis or on a project basis, with work times that can be increased as signalled by the growth of your business

  • having a VA available when your staff takes a vacation, or has to take an unexpected leave

  • partnering with a VA that can assist you or your administrative staff to alleviate stress by completing projects when you don't have time in your day, or feel that you don't have the necessary skills to complete the project under strict deadlines

  • having a VA that uses their expertise to add a professional touch to documents to impress elite clients

  • having a VA that is available to do a variety of tasks on a short-term or long-term basis, and can assist during seasonal peak periods

Outsource your administrative tasks...I can save you time, money and stress!

Tasks include, but are not limited to....
  • Word Processing: including correspondence, business letters, documents, forms, reports, newsletters, manuals and handbooks, and articles

  • Data Entry: spreadsheets, charts, pivot tables, contact management, vendor databases, CRM lists, forms, mailing lists, employee stats, and catalogues

  • PowerPoint: presentations, slide preparation for any event (meetings, conferences, banquets, etc)

  • Proofreading and Editing: clients' projects, documents, papers, and articlesCGVA Office

  • Project Assistance: one-time projects and / or weekly or monthly tasks

  • Internet Research Projects: research using search engine optimization

  • Interviews: preparation and scheduling

  • Bookkeeping: using standard accounting principles

  • Invitations, Thank-you notes, RSVPs

  • Secure PDF Documents and Electronic Signatures: created for sending out correspondence

  • Event Planning: working with local venues (in Calgary, AB and area)

You’ve likely heard the expression, "it's all in the details", and I believe there's nothing closer to the truth, so every detail gets the attention it deserves; work is completed in a timely and accurate way! My office is fully equipped and ready for your projects...what can I do for you today? 


  • Through discussions with the client, an estimate of time and cost will be provided

  • A quote will be provided, with additional information, based from the estimate and upon agreement, the client will authorize the work to go forward

  • Costs can be prepared based on a monthly retainer, a project retainer, or hourly basis

  • Rates quoted do not include additional expenses, such as (but not limited to) stationery, postage, courier, faxes, long distance telephone calls, or travel costs for local clients

  • Pre-payment (for new clients) is required on all projects before work commences

  • Payment can be made by PayPal, major credit cards, or e-transfer

CGVA is a  proud member of:

International Association of Administrative Professionals