About our Alpaca

We have 9 boys that vary in color from white to fawn to dark brown. They all have different personalities and manners. They love to roll in the dirt and love it more when it's hot and sunny and they get a sprinkle with the garden hose! Given the chance, their curiosity could land them in trouble, so precautions are put in place. 

They are the Huacaya, which has dense fibre that grows straight out from the body with a crimp in the fibre. The alpaca enjoy time after the shearing is done, and thankfully that is only once a year! The fleece is processed through a private fibre mill - so you actually get fibre from the animals raised on our farm.

Alpaca Care

A big part of alpaca care involves taking time to be with them. Look at them, touch them, know their normal behavior. Handle each alpaca with a lead and halter so that they become accustomed to you. The more time spent with each alpaca, the easier it is to notice if they've put on a little weight or haven't maintained enough, and thus enabling both of you the trust needed when proper care is required.

Depending on available pasture, 4-6 alpaca can happily graze on one acre of land, and they will not pull up the roots of the plants. In addition to providing pasture land, alpaca owners will also give hay and some form of alpaca pellet, especially in the winter. They may also be given minerals if that is lacking in their diet.

  Alpaca Fibre

Alpaca fleece is the natural fibre shorn from an alpaca in early summer. It is a light-weight, soft, hollow fibre that is durable, luxurious and silky. Its natural crimp makes a natural elastic yarn perfect for any project. While similar to sheep's wool, alpaca fibre is warmer, and has a smooth shaft, so it is not prickly. It contains no lanolin, so it is hypoallergenic. Alpaca fibre is naturally insulating and water repellent, so it makes great socks to wear for all outdoor activities. And when used in projects, such as a treasured quilt, you'll be happy to know that the fibre is also flame resistant.

Alpaca products should be hand-washed and placed flat to dry.

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